What is your workflow?

Having a live stream workflow — or in other words, a process of how you pull off a successful live stream event — can make your day less stressful, whether it’s on your own or with a team.

You finally have found a setup that works great with cameras, encoders, streaming platforms and fast setup. Then your clients ask for adding a remote speaker or add graphics to the livestream.

So your client emails you the event program, and you make the lower thirds in powerpoint, photoshop or some hard-to-use software. You scratch your head to have the best workflow for adding the remote guest to the stream. And on the day of the event your client needs to do last minute changes. Sounds familiar?

We all use different tools to add remote guests or graphics that fits our workflow. It’s not a great feeling when there are constant changes in an event, and you usually get stressful days and weeks. This happens when collaborating as well. When everybody has their own workflow there’s no system guiding us, it’s easy to feel out of the loop and unproductive at the same time.

Finding a good workflow can give you, your team and clients a huge advantage when working on a live stream.

Grafias keep your workflow simple

Grafias keep you, or your team and clients on the same page, or rundown as we call it, preventing miscommunication, confusion, and frustration.

There are many tools out there. As we’ve tried to figure out the best ways to work, the biggest thing we’ve learned along the way is to keep it simple.

Grafias fits your workflow

Grafias works with any software switcher that supports browser source or hardware switchers supporting luma, chroma or key and fill.

Take a step back for a few minutes and think about how you prepare for your live streams. Don’t overcomplicate things.

A workflow doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be complicated, or it might end up being more trouble than it’s worth. With Grafias you only need a computer with Chrome browser.

  • Use Grafias to communicate with clients or your team members.
  • Create a rundown and invite your client and team members to add graphics and videos for the event.

Make sure to charge your clients for the graphics you just made, and get that extra income for your live stream business.

Have a place for your graphics and rundowns

In your current workflow when someone needs to know something, where do they go? If you use Grafias all of the graphics and assets can be in one or several rundowns, where everyone can update it, and refer back to it.

And when you have that working setup in Grafias, you can reuse it in every live event with different clients, just making changes in colors and themes.  
Every team has many different ways they communicate — in meetings, on the phone, email, chat, and so on. Without a system, you’re not making the best use of everyone’s time.

Take a look at Grafias. It’ll only take a few minutes to decide what works best for you, your team and clients.


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