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Sounds easy, — but is it? Blackmagic Design could have a solution.

The new Hyperdeck Shuttle HD seems like a perfect fit for playing back videos to an online audience.

For video playback, its a good practice to check the files before you play it to the audience. The new DaVinci resolve 18 has a Proxy Generator. So you can run a computer with a watchfolder, and DaVinci Resolve 18 will automaticly make the videofiles playable for the Hyperdeck Shuttle HD.

Grant from blackmagic Design explain the proxy workflow in DaVinci resolve 18.

Video playback over the network

In the presentation Grant Petty mention in a future update the Hyperdeck can play back files over the network. So anyone outside or inside the venue can add files to the watchfolder, and the Hyperdeck Shuttly HD play back files over the network. Very flexible for a small crew that needs a easy workflow.

Hyperdeck Shuttle HD has no audio output. So if you do a hybrid conference, you need a audio de-embedder so the audience at the venue can listen in.


The Hyperdeck Shuttle HD has “hidden features” so you can use the device to play rich text format file in any of the 13 supported languages.

Animates graphics and graphics playback

Check out if you need tools for playing back animations and short video clips.