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Graphics for Superwide Projection

Solution Partner for Production


A client of our partner Lighvison Studio needed a dedicated Grafias output for a job using a 17,5 meter wide screen for a four day long event.

Lightvision Studio, Head of Production, Tobias Tangen says “ We did not want to rent a expensive media server solution for this gig. The show was kinda straight forward with some animated graphics and a few video loops. Since we already have a subscription for Grafias, we knew that running the graphics for the widescreen was a no brainer”.

Grafias partner

As a Grafias Partner, Lightvision Studio did get support setting up a dedicated View Output in rezolution 4090 width and 2301 height, so the aspect ratio did fit perfectly for the super wide projection.

The rundown

The grafias View Output was sent to the Analogue Way scaler that did the Edge Blending. The rundown was set up with several View Outputs and fed into the scaler. Grafias did also output from the same rundown for full HD output for some of the videos and the rest of the backgrounds was in the super wide resolution.

The setup

The Analogue Way scaler and Grafias was controlled from a Stream Deck using presets, set up in Companion, controlling both Grafias and the Analogue Way, with just a single button press.

The graphics on the live stream were also sent from grafias using the browser source feature in  OBS Studio and a Ultrastudio HD card as output.

Need help for your next project?
Lightvision Studio has done several wide screen events using Grafias to push the graphics. If you need help with your event you can reach out to them, or contact Grafias using our Connected form on our website:

We will be happy to help you to get your next event up and running!