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Atomos and do they have the perfect workflow?

Nabshow 2022 in Las Vegas is all about new technology. We at are always looking for a faster way to deliver content from the venue.

The traditional way of doing this is to recorded the stream using Restream or other service, and you download the recording after the end of show, and start edit.

What do you do if the client would like to have the files during the live stream?

Alternative you can bring a laptop with you and record to disk locally and edit the files and upload to client during the show.

Atomos Shogun

Now Atomos and may have the perfect solution. If you already own a Ninja V or V+ you can add the new Atomos Connect and start uploading recordings to If you don’t have Ninja V you can buy the new Shogun Connect. Doug from B&H Photo Video explains:

Atomos Connect

Uploading smaller size files (proxy) is perfect for Social Media during a live stream. It’s save you some time and keep you clients happy!

Other tools to consider

Some tools have been around for a while like ShotPut Pro for offloading video, audio and photo files. Or that keeps multiple backups of your media.

Animated graphics and video playback

Check out if you need tools for playing back animations and short video clips.